There are a number of times when you try to pull a query into Kurve either when creating a Graph or a Report and you will get an error message. We have a list of common issues that you should check out to try and resolve the matter!

  1. Does the query have data?
    • If you try running the query in TRIRIGA, check if there is data being pulled
    • If you are within the Project Portal - have you checked to ensure this project has data for the report/graph you are looking at
  2. Is there a My Report with the same name as the System Report?
    • We have raised this issue with IBM
    • Suggestion: Rename the System Report or My Report
  3. Are there single quotations (') or double quotations (") in the query name?
    • These special characters will cause an issue when trying to pull the query into Kurve
    • Suggestion: Remove these characters in the query name
  4. Corrupted Records
    • This one is more difficult to trouble shoot but essentially, if there is just one corrupted record in the query results, Kurve will not be able to pull the query
    • A corrupted record means when you try to open that record in TRIRIGA you get an error
    • Suggestion: Find the record and filter it out of your query
  5. Too many query results?
    • Kurve runs on your browser, so if you notice the loading page spinning for awhile, you request may have timed out or you may have been logged out of TRIRIGA